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fostering OSINT capability within the UK

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The OSINT Association (UK) Ltd provides industry-led guidance, training and events for UK OSINT professionals.

1. Membership is without cost to members.
2. The organisation does not aim to profit from activities.
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"Developing the next generation of UK OSINT Professionals"

Charter mission #4 of OSINT.UK is to support with enticing and developing the next generation of OSINT professionals in the UK.
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Mission & Strategy 2024

Read about our mission strategy for 2024 including our 5 strategic focus areas.
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Meet-ups and Social

Come along to our next event for exclusive speakers & to meet like minded OSINT community members.
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Partnership & Contact

Reach out to our leadership team to discuss partnerships, events and community operations.

The UK OSINT Community is a member led organisation based in London, UK.


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Nathaniel F, @NattyFried

CEO of OSINT Industries, a UK open source intelligence platform used by 3000+ law enforcement agencies. 

Passionate about OSINT.
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Steve Shepherd

CEO at South West Cyber Resilience Centre. Former UK Law Enforcement Cyber Protect Officer. Online Safety & Cyber Security Specialist. Co-Author of D.O.G Online Safety Books.
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Steve Adams, @IntelwithSteve

Founder of Intelligence with Steve and PMM at Skopenow. Frequent industry speaker and OSINT trainer in both the US and UK, Steve helps audiences across verticals learn how to unlock the power of OSINT and make more informed decisions.
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Phil D.

Complex covert Internet intelligence investigations. SOCMINT, OSINT, Imagery Analyst, Target Audience Analyst, Analyst (Def). Investigations, Intel.
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Lindsay Whyte

Lindsay focuses on enabling OSINT investigators with exposed darknet data.

Formerly of the British Army Intelligence Corps, Lindsay has been on the founding team at Cybsafe & Yapily.
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⁨David Purcell⁩

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Netwatch Global.
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William Ruzich

CEO of The Aracari Project. With over 12 years of experience in HUMINT and OSINT, has a US Army background and degrees from Purdue and Arizona State. He delivers critical intelligence solutions to high-profile global clients.
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Andy Crouch

Technologist, founder, consultant, writer.
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Neil Smith

Retired UK law enforcement officer, OSINT investigator, and trainer for over 20 years, created and runs and lecturer at UCLAN. Helped found and runs Locate International.
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Louis Tomos Evans, @LouisTomosEvans

Founder of Hunt Intelligence, an OSINT platform that enables analysts to uncover social media insights from any location worldwide.
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Saul Yardley

Using OSINT, Saul primarily builds reports for global firms requiring security support. Formerly a historian, he is interested in how transnational trends continue to shape security concerns.
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Jordan Summerfield

Current Director of Intelligence Solutions at Intel 471. Former SOCMINT Tradecraft Trainer. Specialised in Cybercrime Investigations, Threat Actor Attribution and Cyber Threat Intelligence. Jordan holds a Master's Degree in Intelligence Analysis with the Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security.
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Jacob Lloyd

Director of Animal Welfare Investigations Project. Certified Animal Cruelty Investigator. Specialises in Internet Investigations and Intelligence.
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Neil C.

Complex technical intelligence / investigations with a focus on using OSINT as a precursor to identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities.
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Jason Howarth

OSINT Marketing Specialist @ Unwavering, former Police Officer, former Cyber Investigator.
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Andy Bloomfield

Former NCA DICE manager and now working within the OSINT training world whilst running the Osintia platform.
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Dieter Stroobants

Co-founder of OSINT BE. Director of Business Intelligence Services at BANTS Consulting.
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Yoni. C, @OSINT_Tactical

OSINT Analyst. Founder of Tactical OSINT Academy. Creator of MASTO OSINT Tool & various other tools. Keen CTF player.
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Lee L.

Founder of UserSearch & ScamSearch, former Lead Digital Forensic Officer at CEOP. With 17 years in law enforcement, Lee is a recognised Digital Forensic Expert in the UK and a professional software developer, passionate about data exploitation and AI.
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Steve Ramwell

CEO of Venandi. OSINT Consultant. OSINT trainer.
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Sasha A.

UK Law Enforcement.
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Robin E.

UK Law Enforcement.
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Redacted for public policy reasons.

10 founding members redacted for public policy reasons.